East Asian Council – EAC

The East Asia Council (EAC) includes all members of the Canadian Asian Studies Association (CASA), who are interested in the academic study of East Asia (China, Japan, the two Koreas, Taiwan, and Mongolia. Scholars, students, policy makers and activists with an interest in that region of the world are invited to join.
The EAC is one of the three councils of part CASA, along the Canadian Council for Southeast Asian Studies and the South Asian Council.

The EAC organizes a biennial conference, alone or along with other Councils, and its members are also involved during the general CASA meetings. Recent conferences organized by the EAC alone, or in conjunction with one of the other two councils, have been held in Victoria (2001), Montréal (2003), Edmonton (2005), la Malbaie (2007), and Vancouver (2009). Starting from this fall, the EAC will also publish a newsletter.
The board members of the Council are elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Council, conducted during the biennial conference.